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  • Selection and rotation of a pool of tenants;

  • Management of lease agreements;

  • Administration of operation and maintenance of the facility;

  • Management of the security of the facility, including insurance thereof;

  • Legal and accounting support;

  • Organization of visitors  reception;

  • Reporting to the owner of the property.

What do you pay for?

We receive remuneration  from the financial result of the object. You pay for a real increment of the profit of the object.

By experience, we can say that professional management from Prima Management increases the marginal profit of object  by 20-25% as earlier as within the first 4-6 months from the beginning of our work at the object.the

What you get as a result?

  • Clearly verified plans for system management and operation of the object;

  • A full understanding of all our actions agreed with you "on the shore"

  • Reducing the operational costs of the object due to the well-organized management and the effect of scale;

  • Detailed monthly reports on all profit-and-loss items;

  • Maximal indicators  of occupancy and growth of tenants' loyalty;

  • A maximally possible profitability of the project.

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