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There are a lot of questions:


  • How to accelerate the payback;

  • How to extract the maximum income;

  • How to fill an object with tenants;

  • How to optimize the costs of maintenance and operation of the object.

We have ready-made solutions for any task that may arise before the owner of the facility.


We cover the whole life cycle of the object: from the operation-related consultation at the design stage to the management of the commercial real estate and redevelopment.


If you need to reduce the object maintenance costs, we offer a pool of services for maintenance and cleaning .


The active work of our specialists helps to reduce losses from idle premises.


To increase the revenues of the budget, Prima Management is developing a program for filling the facility with tenants and their rotation, as well as provides brokerage services. 


The maximum effect brings a combination of all services with the use of proven methods of management of the commercial real estate.

The number of progressively thinking property owners in Georgia is constantly growing. More and more people are coming to the idea of a need for outsourcing of property management processes.



Necessity  for additional management. Costs for salaries, taxes and training.​

Unreasonable purchases and expenses

Responsibility to supervisory authorities, permanent certifications

Dependence on the Human Factor

Affiliated services create the ground for conflict between owners

The staff's motivation for the result is low, that causes a low profitability of the whole project

Professional service by PRIMA MANAGEMENT

The company is staffed by  a professional team of employees and managers

Fixed transparent budget. The monitoring and reporting process is systematized

Responsibility of a legal entity under a contract

Responsibility of a legal entity under a contract (human risks)

The external company neutralizes conflicts between owners

The terms and conditions of the contract are maximally motivated for the result, and as a result, the project's profitability is high

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