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We offer our long-term experience in providing a full range of professional cleaning services for commercial and residential real estate.


This is a whole complex of ready-made solutions for maintaining cleanliness using modern facilities and equipment. It is a well-established organization of cleaning your business center or a separate office, a large shopping and entertainment complex   or a shop, an industrial park or a separate production hall, a logistics complex or a small warehouse, fitness center premises.

Our staff is trained on a standardized training program "Rendering services for cleaning residential and industrial premises and buildings" and we have a professional team of specialists able to cope with any complex and unusual situations at the facilities.

Main Services

  • Full and supporting maintenance cleaning of internal premises;

  • Cleaning of the adjacent territory;

  • Post-construction and general cleaning of construction sites;

  • High-altitude work;

  • Complex work on the care and restoration of hard floor coverings;

  • Carpet covers cleaning.  


  • We always calculate several options of the cost of service, together with the Customer, and we work out the optimal one, including for a specific budget;

  • Due to established relationships with suppliers, we quickly acquire the necessary equipment, and we also have our own park of duplicating equipment in case of emergency replacement;

  • The structure of the company has its own technology, engaged in the selection of chemicals and appropriate cleaning technologies, as well as specialists of the internal control department, systematically checking the quality of services provided;

  • Ready to start working any volume for 2-3 days;

  • We take care of the provision of toilet rooms with consumables for the customer's choice. All consumables are paid by the customer through re-invoicing from suppliers on the basis of the Open Book principle. Our company does not make an additional mark-up on consumables, but only organizes the process of timely ordering, delivery, unloading, flow control with the provision of a monthly report to a  customer.

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