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Prima Management helps you to choose options for long-term investments in commercial real estate.


Our specialization covers industrial parks, business centers, logistics complexes and warehouses, land plots for industrial facilities and shopping and entertainment complexes.


We take into account all your wishes concerning  location, logistics, payback indicators. We evaluate the legal status of the selected object, organize viewing of all objects interesting to you, coordinate financial conditions of the transaction, coordinate the contractual terms and conditions for purchasing object in your property.

Why namely Prima Management?


Our actions do not end at the stage of registration of documents on the ownership of the investment object. We accompany an object of commercial real estate at all stages of its life cycle. You get a partner with 15 years of project management experience.


Based upon our experience, we can say that professional management provided by Prima Management increases the marginal profit of the facility by 20-25%.


The investor is freed from routine processes as much as possible, but takes managerial decisions at the level of key performance indicators (KPI) and regular reports.

Thus, you get full control over all financial flows, absolutely transparent document circulation, and, most importantly - a guaranteed economic result from each dollar invested!

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