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Facility Management is the management of technical operation, ensuring the continuous operation of a commercial real estate object.


The tasks of facility management include control over the suppliers of resources, control and organization of the work of service departments, organization of repair and emergency works. 


This means that you are no longer troubled by the arrangement, repair and maintenance of electricals, thermal insulators, water supply, conditioning and ventilation systems, building, facing and plumbing works.


The problems with the cleaning of premises and adjacent territories, the protection of buildings and territories, and the control of access to them will go to the past.


You do not have to look for additional companies that will conduct for you a technical audit, an audit of operational costs, or will deal with contract management and manage reporting. All this will be done for you by PRIMA MANAGEMENT.


After placing an order for the facility management services, you will be able to do your main business and do not spend your personal time for solving non-core tasks for you!

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