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Maintenance of buildings is a complex of measures that ensure trouble-free operation of all structural elements, engineering systems and building equipment.


Any building needs constant maintenance of engineering systems and structural elements. This is an axiom. You can solve these issues in different ways, but it's more convenient to turn to professionals. After all, professional exploitation is the comfort and safety of people in the building. In the absence of such, immediately felt discomfort for both tenants and visitors.

We present an individual plan of service work on your site according to the results of the technical audit.

Why do customers choose PRIMA MANAGEMENT as the operating organization?

We are more reliable:


  • We have qualified staff for all types of work;

  • We have established relations with controlling organizations and subcontractors;

  • All production processes are regulated;

  • The system of accounting and reporting has been introduced;

  • We apply quality and safety control system.

It is more with us: profitable


  • By combining all the services in the complex, we reduce the cost of technical operation by 20-30%

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