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Prima Management is specialized in working with production facilities, warehouses, office premises and business centers. A considerable experience has been gained by us in the sale of industrial and commercial real estate complexes.

For an owner of a commercial real estate object, we can:

  • Find potential buyers and tenants of the business center, office premises, warehouse, industrial park;

  • Conduct an effective advertising campaign for the profitable positioning of your facility;

  • Execute an examination of the legal status of the property and its pre-sale preparation;

  • Make an appraisal of the market value of commercial real estate;

  • Give professional advice on the level of rental rates at the site;

  • Prepare contracts for the sale and lease of premises;

  • Provide a state registration of rights to the real estate object.

Tenant and buyer of buildings and premises we help to:


  • Find options for real estate for purchase - business centers and offices, warehouses and logistics complexes, industrial sites and industrial parks for manufacturing, land;

  • Find operatively for  lease office, premise under manufacture, shop, a warehouse;

  • Organize and accompany in viewing of the premises of the property;

  • Agree the terms with the landlord or the owner of the property, prepare documents for signing. 


We will provide you with several options,  give detailed information on each object, consult on all legal nuances!

Thanks to such an outstanding work, you will be able to fully understand the real estate properties market and find your desired object!

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