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Any action with a commercial real estate object begins with an audit of the state of the object. 


The objectives of the audit are simple:

  • Assess the quality of management;

  • Express it in money;

  • Identify the potential for growth of the marginal profit of the object.  


There are 2 possible audit options:

  • Quick survey (express) audit;

  • Full audit of the immovable property.


The difference between them is  in the degree of depth of study, in terms of implementation, and prices.


Express-audit is necessary for an urgent assessment and decision-making at the beginning of joint work. We do it for FREE in 3 working days with sending a team of specialists on site for 1 day.


Composition of express-audit of the property:

  • General description and characteristics of the object;

  • Estimation of the rental rates and gross rental income of the object;

  • Estimation of the optimal cost for all sections of the object maintenance;

  • List of service works;

  • Number and composition of staff;

  • Calculation of the cost of management, technical operation, cleaning, security;

  • The monthly budget of the object (averaged over the year, excluding energy costs and tax payments). 


Based on the results of the rapid audit, you unambiguously understand the potential of the economic efficiency of the object and the advantages of working with us.   


You can also order a full property audit service. But, if you sign a contract with us on the management of the real estate object, we will render the service of a full object audit FREE OF CHARGE


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